Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Damn Hot Men

The Bra with a difference post created a bit of a stir in the forum I post my stories. So I have written a quick story based on Laity's suggestion. It featured William in Speedo when Elizabeth was on the treadmill, testing the heat sensitive bra. You know what happen next...

Of course, the readers want to see the vision of our TDH in Speedo. Have a look at the hot men in Speedo in the Damn Hot Men blog here. Who do you think is the hottest?


  1. None of 'em. Not my type - lol.

    But I can imagine several thousand hot young ladies licking their monitors right now. :)

    Sigh - oh for those blessed days of "hunkness" gone by.

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  2. Me in a Speedo is a crime against humanity.

  3. Speedos in general are a crime against humanity.

  4. Galen and Karen seem to be in agreement. Marvin, I can imagine you in Speedo, when you were younger, LOL

  5. How funny! I'm glad my complaining provided some useful purpose, LOL. Wonderful!

  6. Yes K.A. you sure helped me plot the short story. Thanks Jina, they are damn hot!


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