Chemical Fusion - The Story

At the age of 30, billionaire scientist Nathan Dark aims to tick another box in his life plan by finding a wife and settling down. But a public relations snafu makes it sound as if he is a virginal ‘nutty professor’ advertising for a wife.

A recent university graduate, gifted chemist Elissa Young is seeking research opportunities and life experience, intending to experience plenty of both before she even considers getting married. But a violent break-in at the lab and a kidnapping bring them together.

Will feisty Elissa fall in love with the arrogant mad scientist?

Be warned: This novella features a nutty professor, sexy assistants, kidnapping and botched condoms.


Chapter One

“Have some more.” The naked young woman refilled the man’s glass and smoothed her hand over his broad nude torso.

“Bitch, you serve the best brandy,” he mumbled while he took another gulp of the drink.

“What’s the exclusive you’ve for me?”

“Dark’s ready to get hitched.” He wrapped his arm around her waist while the other hand pinched her nipple.

She smacked his hands away and squeezed his cock hard. “That’s not an exclusive at all. A rich man wants a wife and mistresses.”

“Ouch! Don’t hurt my little willie, or you’ll have no gossip from Dark Inventions at all in the future.”

She batted her eyelashes and whispered. “Give me something better, and I’ll kiss your little man.”

He pulled her head down onto his cock. She kissed him once and said, “Spill!”

“I'd love to spill inside your mouth.”

“Not until I’ve got my exclusive!”

“I don’t know why you’re so interested in that nutty chemist. He’s going to advertise for some female assistants. He said it would be a positive affirmative action for the company to hire more female workers, and he wants to choose a wife from among the pretty candidates.”

“He’s really nutty! How many female chemistry students are pretty? Most of them wear thick glasses and are five stone overweight.”

“I wouldn’t say so. I’ve shagged many sexy hot chicks from the chemistry department when I was younger.”

“Why doesn’t he go to a club or ask someone to introduce him?”

“You know he has a theory for everything. He wanted to finish his Ph.D. at 21, made his first commercial invention at 22, etc etc, and 30 is the time he’s to have another milestone in his life. I quote, ‘I absolutely refuse to discuss fashion or any topic that’s not chemistry over the dinner table.’ he’ll think about reciting the periodic table when he’s screwing his assistant.”

“Damn! That rules me out,” she said with a growl.

“You never had a chance. Your IQ is not high enough. Anyway, why would you want to shag him when you’ve me? My baton can twirl. Didn’t I tell you he’s absolutely clueless?”

“Are you joking? Do you mean he’s still…?”

“Yep, as far as I know! To quote him, ‘I’ve no time for such frivolous acts at the moment. I’ve it scheduled for when I’m 30 years old. I’ll catch up on lost time then.’ Now, can we forget about Dark? My little willie is waiting.”

“I’m thinking of the headline for my article, ‘Virginal billionaire recluse advertises for a nutty wife.’”

“Who cares?” He pulled her head down to his cock again and this time, she complied and started to lick and suck him hard. He moaned out loud as he climaxed in her mouth.


“Girls! Have you read the news?” Mrs. Dorothy Young screamed as she burst into the sitting room, waving a tabloid.

“I’m sure you’ll tell us,” Elissa, the second daughter, said without raising her eyes from the book she was reading.

“The new company outside Teddington, Dark Inventions is looking for female workers.”

“Mom, what does that got to do with me? I wouldn’t want to work in such a smelly place.” Lily, the youngest, said as she popped another chip into her mouth.

“Lily, you must go and apply for a part-time job there. The paper said the billionaire CEO Nathan Dark is using the job application exercise as an excuse to find a wife.”

“Is he nuts? Why does he need to do that? Can’t he get a girlfriend the normal way?” Lily laughed.

Mrs. Young replied, “Yeah, I think he’s nuts too, but he’s super rich. So all of you must go. The paper said he’s still a virgin. He’s a due date for all the major events in his life, and he wants to get married by 30.”

“A 30-year-old virgin? Who wrote such a piece of shit?” Kate, the third sister, asked.

Lily shook her head and said, “A 30-year-old virgin! I wouldn’t give him the time of my life. His cock’s probably exceptionally small.” She raised her little finger and showed its size.

Kate giggled, “Or he’ll disgrace himself in 10 seconds flat when he looks at my 36D.”

“You’re sooo not 36D!” Lily laughed and stuck out her tongue. “I’m the one with huge melons.”

“Liar, you use a push-up! Elissa has the biggest boobs.”

“Elissa is so old! And she wears baggy stuff all the time. Her melons will sag in a year.”

“No one can fight the laws of gravity.” Elissa shrugged and answered philosophically.

Mrs. Young broke up the argument, “Quiet girls! I can’t let you girls miss this chance. His company is among the top 10 in the world. He has many private jets, offices, and homes all over the world. Imagine you get to use all of them! And the beauty is, this nut is a probably a recluse, so you can travel around the world and wine and dine while he works in his smelly laboratory.”

“But I’ll have to sleep with him; a nut who doesn’t know how to fire his piston,” Lily whined.

“Just shut your eyes and imagine him as Justin Bieber. We don’t need a man to have an orgasm. All of you will go for the job application, including you, Elissa!” Mrs. Young added.


After days of ranting, Mrs. Young finally got all her daughters to go for the interview. The four Young sisters were split up by the receptionists. Elissa, a fresh graduate, working part-time as a tutor at the Institute of Bioengineering in Brunel University, was taken to the technical section. Joanna, the eldest, Kate, and Lily who all worked in the local newspaper were taken to the administration section.

Once Elissa was out of sight of her mother, she found a bathroom to change from the trashy clothes her mom insisted her to wear.

“Damn!” Elissa scowled. She just took off the low cut silk top when a drop of liquid dripped from the ceiling on to the snowy white lacy bra. “Yuck, looks like oil compound. I thought this was a multimillion dollar company. The ceiling still sucks. Mom would give me an earful.” The raunchy bra was bought by her mom, and she said it cost a fortune. Elissa unclipped the bra. She just had to go without. Luckily the T-shirt and jeans she brought were baggy.

When she came out of the toilet, she was lost, and could not find the room she was supposed to go to for the interview. As she wandered along the corridor, she came upon a deserted laboratory. The equipment inside looked top notch. That drew her attention. She examined the test tubes, electrodes, particle counters, etc with keen interest.

Then she saw a bottle of ammonia and thought about her bra. She pulled it out from the bag and laid it on the counter. She opened the bottle and pushed the cotton stick in. Before she could dap some onto the bra, someone startled her.

“What the hell are you doing here?” A tall man wearing a casual t-shirt and sports trousers with a white lab coat walked in. He folded arms and scowled at her.

“Removing oil with ammonia.”

The man came closer and saw the raunchy lacy bra on the counter. His eyes widened. He scanned the bra for 30 seconds and then turned his gaze to her baggy shirt. “It doesn’t look like it belongs to you.” He commented.

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Lace bra, polyester shirt and cotton trousers, 100% unmatched.”

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