Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Pig's Tale

I talked about the Royal Easter Show a few days ago. One of the interesting things you can see is the different kinds of animals exhibiting there. For a city girl like myself, it's truly amazing. I've never seen so many chokes, pigs, cows etc in my life.

I'm proud to say I have written a short story about the lovely pig above. (Photo from British Pig Association)


Dedicated to Stacy. She came up with the pig and Caroline theme.

She’s big, she’s ugly and she’s very, very rare - but Caroline had won Darcy several competitions.

After just three years of rearing one of the rarest breeds of pig, Darcy was taking his magnificent Middle White sow, Caroline, to the Great Yorkshire Show one hot August day.

He’s skinny, he’s handsome and he’s very, very rare too. Equally, Wickham had won Elizabeth several accolades.

Wickham was a champion January-born boar and Elizabeth was taking him to the same show for the overall boars’ competition.

Unfortunately for Darcy and Elizabeth, Caroline with her comical snub nose looked across the fence and fell in love with Wickham the handsome boar. She slipped away, ran past a small pond of water to cool her body and crossed over to the boar judging area to show him her class and elegance.

With a few wiggles and shaking of her buttocks, Caroline tried to get rid of the water on her greased body and got Wickham extremely excited. He was tempted by her luxuriant accessories and joined her to cross back to the sow area. They were eagerly mating while trying to avoid the angry chase of their owners.

The unruly behaviour of the pair earned the sneer and gossips at the show. And for the first time, Caroline and Wickham did not even collect a tiny consolation prize.

Back at the hotel bar, the two unlucky owners were drowning their sorrow.

“It’s all Wickham’s fault!” Darcy gulped down the port in one go. “He trifled with Caroline. It’s the first time she lost her position in the society. And she may get some disease from him.”

Elizabeth finished her vodka and slammed the glass on the table, “It’s all Caroline’s fault! She forgot her origin! She’s a sow. She shouldn’t cross over to the boars’ area. She used her arts and allurements to tempt Wickham. He should be worrying about getting disease from her.”

They turned and looked angrily at each other. They were so close that their breaths were hot on each other’s face and their chests were almost touching each other. It was a hot August night. They were both wearing thin T-shirts. With a slight draw in breath, Darcy’s torso touched Elizabeth’s nipples. Suddenly they forgot all about their obstinate pets and concentrated on themselves.

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  1. What in the heck is a chock?

    You have a wild imagination to go from pigs to humans to sex. ;-O

    Straight From Hel

  2. You've to blame that on the reader who suggested this plot bunny. Hehe, and thanks for pointing out the chock.

  3. Hmm - sow sex. Only Enid would go there - lol.

    Hey Enid - I just put up a "help!" challenge up on my Free Spirit blog I'll bet you could help me out with?

    The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog

  4. Inspiration for a story can come from anwhere, anytime. And lovers love to love after a heated arguement. Make up sex. Its great.

    - Steve Tremp

  5. Hehe, Marvin and Stephen, it was a fun story to write and you must admit, the pigs were lovely.


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