Close Encounters With A Martian Hunk

“Martian pure clones shouldn’t have human urges! Are you a fake?”

Hunky Martian Eric Dark excels at being calm and collected. However, his first meeting with petite Earth woman Sophia Wilkinson is anything but.

“You’re not tall enough, according to Martian standards.”

Besides being insulted by the cold Martian, Sophia has to endure his suddenly roving hands. What’s wrong with the handsome Martian?

An attack by some mercenary soldiers from Jupiter throws Dark and Sophia together, fueling their sexual attraction. And a medical procedure activates Dark’s extraordinary talent, ensuring the pair to throw away their initial prejudice in favor of some hot kisses and a lifetime of bliss.

Warning: The book contains aliens, ropes, needles, and explicit adult content.

This is the second book in the Nutty Professor series. The first book, Chemical Fusion (Contemporary Romantic Suspense), features Nathan Dark and Elissa Young's humorous tale.


Jupiter men have a strange way of tying people up, Professor Eric Dark thought. He and Sophia Wilkinson were tied close together around their upper bodies, chest to chest with a rubber cord. Their feet were free though. They were sitting on a bench inside the bad guys’ spacecraft. Sophia straddled him. He had no complaint about the position as he could feel her breasts pressed against his torso, but he was curious to know what men from Jupiter wanted.

There were other “couples” sitting in the bench area. To Dark's left, a few spaces away, he could see Miss Fish tied to the back of another man from Earth. Dark couldn’t see his face clearly as he was facing the other way. The man had another young girl tied chest to chest with him. Further down on the left were a few other men and women tied up like Sophia and himself.

Right in front of them, there was a big operation table. Behind it was rows of benches. Dark heard another hiss as gas pumped into the room. Dark felt Sophia stir.

“What the hell?” She raised her head from his shoulder and asked, “Where are we?”

“We were captured. They have a strange way of tying people up.”

Sophia turned her head, looked around, and cried out, “Jade, why are you tied up with Felix?”

Dark turned. Now, he could see the face of the man tied to Miss Fish.

“Sophia, I miss you. How come you are strapped to Mr. Pure?” Felix said.

“How did you know Felix Hinds?” Dark asked Sophia in an angry whisper.

“Felix, you said you didn’t like my sister at all. Why are you flirting with her now?”

“Miss Jade is your sister?” Dark said.

Their conversations were interrupted when the room lit up, and rows of pint-size rainbow-coloured Jupiter men entered and settled on the rows of benches opposite.

“Okay, let’s start the operation,” one of the three-eyed creatures in a purple robe stepped forward with a clipboard in his tiny hand.

“First couple, the threesome. Put them on the table.”

“Hey, sir, what do you want to do with us?” Hinds asked.

“Fred Meyer here. Since you asked so nicely, I will tell you the procedure.  We are going to put you on that table. Then we will lower the glass partitions and cut your restraints. You are then free to move. We want you to fuse with these two women. We will watch and record the proceedings. We will do that for two days, and then we will check the women to see if they are pregnant. Then we will put the next couple in the glass chamber. We will conduct this procedure until all the women here are pregnant. Then we will harvest the embryos and return you safely to Earth.”

“What? I don’t want to get pregnant by him,” Zara yelped.

“Shut up, woman! You have no choice here.”

“Mr. Meyer, please. I’m the richest woman in Watford. I can give you money. Just don’t force me to have sex with him,” Zara pleaded.

“What’s wrong with him? He seems quite handsome by Earth standards.”

“But he is dirt-poor. How about this? I give you 1 million pounds, and you let me swap with the short woman in the yellow body suit there. I wouldn't mind having Professor Dark’s babies.”

Dark shuddered and was about to say something when Hinds said, “Yes, Mr. Meyer, that’s a good idea. Jade here on my lap is Sophia’s sister. I don’t mind doing both of them at the same time. It may be good for scientific research to see how two sisters fare with the same man. Anyway, Dark is a pure clone from Mars. He couldn’t have sex with women.”

“All of you shut up! My instructions are to tie the women and men up as we found them. Then the couples have to fuse together in the order we found them in, no matter whether they’re young or old, human or alien. No arguments and no changing partners. Fred 2 and Fred 3, put the threesome on the table.”

Zara was screaming and kicking. Hinds scowled, but Jade had a smug look on her face.

“Do we have to watch? Can’t you put us somewhere else first until our turn?” Dark asked.

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