Saturday, February 7, 2015

Talking About Love

I'm not very good at expressing love, especially the declaration of love. Sometimes I feel the words are too cheesy, other times too emotional. I guess as a new romantic writer, I should learn more about this art, of talking about love.

Here are a few from my books. How do you think I fare? Of course, you can see some of them are borrowed/inspired by Jane Austen's words.

She thought of his love with a deeper sentiment of gratitude than she had ever felt before; she remembered his gentlemanly ways, his warmth, and the caring manner that softened the stiff, reserved way in which he had expressed himself in times past.

She was thankful for the strength of his love, a love which defied his own will, persisting against his reason and perhaps even against his character. She was grateful to him, not merely for having once loved her, but for loving her still. - Bargain with the Devil

She and she alone made him feel complete. - Really Angelic

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Too nice...

I can never figure out Jane Bennet. She's too nice. She thinks too well of people.

Many JAFF writers have a go at her. She was murdered in one spin-off, with Bingley as the killer. In other spin-offs, she was often paired off with Colonel Fitzwilliam. Sometimes, she was sacrificed and became Mrs. Collins.

For someone five times as pretty as other women in the room, Jane Bennet seems to be one of the most under-developed characters in Pride and Prejudice.

So pretty girls don't often have all the fun?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hero's Character

From the old post:

I haven't read Harlequin's sexy romance for a while, since I've been immersed in Pride and Prejudice fan fiction for the past two years. Yesterday I picked up one from an author I usually like. Guess what? The super rich hero (the boss) actually had sex with bimbo twins and the next day, he asked the heroine (the Personal Assistant) to take them out for shopping.

I switched off immediately. For the villains and others, multiple partners are ok. But I like my hero with...hero's character.
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