Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blondes have more fun?

Marvin at Free Spirit has a gorgeous girl at his blog today. That suddenly made me think about the "myth" of blondes having more fun.

Here is an interesting article about this argument.

In a groundbreaking study recently published by the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, scientists have discovered that while blondes have nearly 380% more sex (of all kinds) than other color haired people, they do not, in fact, have more fun.

The Mayo Clinic / Johns Hopkins report broke down “fun” along sexual lines, as that is commonly what blondes are referring to when they speak of “fun.” They discovered that blondes were ten times more likely to consent to giving fellatio than were their brunette, redhead, or dye-headed sisters ... They were seven times more likely to engage in “doggy-style” sex, and five times as likely to do it in some kind of spectacular manner, such as in a public place or swinging from a specially-built trapeze.

Read the article here.

I've never felt the need to dye my hair. Do I have fun? Hmm...


  1. Hmm, rather sexy tidbits of info here, and an appropriately steamy subject for this blog. lol

    Well, with my - ahem - extensive experience on this topic, from "back in the day" as a womanizing Hippie Rock & Roll traveling musician, I would tend to agree that the blonds tended to go for the kinky stuff more than the others from among the Caucasians. But the black girls whipped it best overall, hands down.

    Hey Enid - your blogger picture - you look to be of Asian descent. How'd you get the last name "Wilson?" (my personal favorite, of course ... ha!)

    Just curious. :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  2. Hmm, is that too much information, Marvin? LOL

    Wilson was my late BF's surname. I thought it good to use it as my pen surname.

  3. Terrific article, Enid. Eve, the heroine in my Berlin Sex Diary blog series from "Cleopatra's Perfume," is a powder-white blonde. Need I say more?



  4. Oh I see. Makes for a striking name, for sure. "Late" boyfriend? As in he died?

    Oh and sorry for the "extra" information - lol


    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  5. Well, I'm technically a blonde. You have to really look hard to find it now, but at birth, i was indeed, you know, blond. AND, I have lots of fun!! You know, my wife's blonde to, and the source of much teasing. She's a trooper though, and just laughs along.

    Best, Galen,

  6. Jina, I know Eve has lots of fun. Marvin, yes, he died in a car accident years ago. Galen, who is funnier in the family?

  7. Where do they find the people for these research studies????

  8. Funny post. A redhead here . . . but, judging from the escapades of my friends as compared to mine, I should be characterized as a strawberry blonde.

  9. Karen, that you have to check out with the university. LOL. Red hair is good, Jennifer, got a bit of temper


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