Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mistaken Identity Part 1 - NB, NC-17

Spent 3 days doing DIY and it was a disaster. I'm depressed now and no update for F&F and ESCR yet. But I've a half done NB to share. Maybe your feedback will lift my spirit. Or beam me a handy Mr. Darcy who can fix my bathroom! (unbeta'd, do forgive any mistakes)


“Let go of me!” Elizabeth yelled as she was pushed into a limo. It then sped away in high speed. She tried the door and it was locked. How could this have happened in Meryton? It was supposed to be a quiet and picturesque country town. She had lived there all her life until she moved to Cambridge last month.

Inside in the plush leather seat opposite, a man in tuxedo with arms folded across his chest stared at her. He had dark curly hair, broad shoulders and cold expression. At least he didn’t look like an axe murderer, she thought. But there was no telling these days. He could be a serial killer.

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?”

“Where is Richard?” He asked.

“Richard?” She frowned, thinking hard on her friends. “I don’t know any Richard. You’ve got the wrong person. Let me go or I’ll call the police.”

“I don’t think so, Miss Bennet. Kidnapping is a serious crime. And you’re the one who’s keeping Richard. It’s late and I’m tired. Tell me where he’s and I may put in some good words for you to the police.”

How did he know my name? Elizabeth thought. “No, I don’t know who this Richard is and I haven’t kidnapped him. I’m just a librarian working in the university. You’ve got the wrong person.”

“Librarian? That’s not what Richard told me.” He sneered. “You tell me where Richard is or you stay with me, for as long as it takes.”

“How many times did I’ve to tell you I don’t know him!”

“Don’t take me for a fool. I’ve seen the memory stick. You’ve known him, very well in fact.”

“What memory stick?”

“The one with scores of photos of you, opening your legs and let Richard suck your pussy to heaven.”

Elizabeth’s face turned bright red. Anger rose in her chest, she flew across the limo and slapped him across the face.


Her hand landed on his angular cheek, loud and clear. She gasped, not believing what she had done. She had never hit another person in her life before.

As her body froze, Darcy grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.

“Wildcat!” He swore. His eyes flashed with angers. Her wild struggling rubbed her body against his wildly. Blood rushed from his head. Her breasts were pert and lush. Her nipples had peak, as she struggled against him. His arms had pinned her hands behind her back. He could feel her narrow waist and her round bouncy bottom. What a wild woman!

He didn’t study the photos that came with the ransom note long. He was not a pervert and found the body of this gold digger disgusting at that time. After all, his cousin Richard met her at a night club frequented by footballers. He told Darcy she was a good and easy fuck after he plied her with enough wine and gifts. They had been seeing each other for a month now.

But Darcy didn’t know why, in close proximity, this slut seemed to have bewitched him. Her eyes showed a myriad of emotions: innocence, fire and strength. These feelings could not be true. She spent her young life so far trying to feed on rich men. Her overused body was creating havoc in his, making his cock rise.

“Stop struggling.” His face was inches away from hers. “If you’re in such a desperate need of a million pounds, you can open your legs for me a few times. After all, the Darcy name weighs more in gold. There’s no need to involve Richard.” Against his own better judgement, he made her an offer. To follow that, he rubbed his arousal against her thighs, making his interest clear to her. The mere touch nearly undid him. He drew in a deep breath to calm his rioting blood but at the same time drew in her lavender scent. It was so refreshing, different from most of the manufactured perfumes.

“You’re sick!” Elizabeth spatted. “I’ve never slept with this Richard and I’ll never sleep with you. Let me go!”

“Your voice hurts my ears.” He said and then lowered his lips to silent her with a kiss.

She would not give in to such assault and bit him hard on the lips.

He yelled out in pain. She took the opportunity to struggle free of him and sat back on the opposite side of the seat.

“Don’t try it again.” She threatened menacingly, holding the fountain pen she grabbed from his breast pocket. “Or I won’t be responsible for my action.”

He brushed the blood from his lips and glared at her.

“Now ask the men to stop the car.”

“There’s no use. My body guards can disarm you easily.” He folded his arms across his chest again.

Elizabeth glared at him, drew in some deep breathes. “Then let start right at the beginning, Mr. Darcy,” she gathered her wit to get to the heart of the matter. Now that she had a small weapon in her hand and stayed far away from him, she felt a little more in control. “You were sent a memory stick, supposing with photos of me…having sex with this Richard. He has disappeared and from the note that came with the memory stick, his release would depend on your providing a million pounds. This Richard has told you he has known an Elizabeth Bennet? Who is not a librarian working in University of Cambridge? Who is this Richard to you? And what did he tell you this woman do?”

“If you want to continue to play game, I can indulge you,” Darcy replied with a sneer. “Richard is my cousin. He told me he met you at a night club in London a month ago, Miss Lydia Bennet.”


  1. Wow! full on start fantastic, sexy passionate and of courese the misunderstandings as always.

  2. LYDIA! lol! Richard has no taste!! (or is that BAD taste?)

    I think Lizzy needs to slap Darcy a few dozen more times for the rudeness of his offer! Then, when he calms down and remembers his manners, they can continue to use the back of that limo.

  3. Great twist at end!

  4. Ohhhh love it!! More please!!!!

  5. Thanks A, Michchick, LinLant and Lisa, I'm thinking of a fast resolution at the back of the limo too. But Lizzy is angry. I hope she won't hurt Darcy's other body part. I've a few hundred more words completed, just need an ending...


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