Friday, June 25, 2010

Wise words

This week drabble theme is "silk". Here is my take.

Elizabeth was reluctant to visit the Lullingstone Castle in Kent. She had an argument the night before with Mr. Darcy after he proposed.

But she was there now, admiring an exquisite silk painting of a lone woman.

Suddenly a burst of white smoke clouded Elizabeth’s eyes and the woman stood in front of her.

“Who…are you?” Elizabeth asked.

“Madamoiselle √Člisabet, the best silk maker in Lyon.”

“You came out from the painting!”

“Oui, I was cursed by a witch.”

“No wonder you look sad.”

“Non, that was more because of my lost love.”


“Prince D’Arcy once asked me to marry him. But I was deceived and refused him. Do not give up on your Darcy. He is a good man.”

When she wanted to ask more, the French woman was gone.

Later, when Mr. Darcy gave Elizabeth a letter of explanation, she asked him to stay while she read it. She apologised for her blinded prejudice while he for his arrogance.

They resolved their differences and found their love soon afterwards. When Elizabeth visited the Castle again after her marriage, she discovered the painting was no longer of a lone woman but of Prince D’Arcy and his wife √Člisabet.

What do you think? Too tame?

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