Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burst water main

A short naughty bits. Happy reading!

“Is there a five-star hotel around here?” Darcy asked.

The teenage receptionist with spiky pink hair, mouth and nose piercing folded her arms and said, “There’s one about a mile away. But with the SlagFest on in Meryton, I doubt they would have a spare room.”

SlagFest? What the hell is that? He thought. “Can you ring the hotel and check for me?”

She shook her head. “Too late, it’s one in the morning. Now old man, do you want a room or not? If not, I’ll go back to sleep.”

Gritting his teeth, Darcy nodded. He had a shitty day. The plane was delayed, his luggage was lost in transit and the hired car broke down about three miles from his friend Charles Bingley’s new country estate Netherfield.

He rang Charles to ask him to pick him up but he wasn’t answering the phone. He tried the car rental company but they couldn’t help either due to a large number of emergencies in Meryton. But they told him the direction to walk towards Hotel Longbourn, which was much nearer to his location.

Darcy was not used to staying in 3-stars hotels. Longbourn in itself was quite homely, with old country charm and a warm fireplace. But the service of the receptionist left a lot to be desired. The room was small and smelt of paint.

He turned down the bed sheet, walked into the bathroom and striped off his clothes. After 15 minutes of invigorating hot shower, he switched the hot tap off. When he turned the cold water tap, it wouldn’t move. Using both hands, he tried once again with force and the tap flew off the pipe altogether.

His mouth gaped open as he saw water flying everywhere inside the bathroom, from where the tap had broken off. Icy cold water sent shivers down his body. His only set of clothes which he left on the floor were all wet, so were the towels hanging on the wall.

Seeing that it’s useless to stop the water, he padded out to the bedroom and rang the reception.

“Yes.” The receptionist answered groggily.

“I’ve never seen such a crappy hotel in my whole life!” Something in him snapped and he burst out angrily.

“Sorry sir, what can I…”

“Your bloody water tap just flew off the pipe. Water is everywhere and my only Armani suit is ruined!” He yelled at the top of his voice.

“Oh Lydia put you in Room 69?”

Then the line was dead. Darcy was fuming. How dare she cut me off? He was going to ring again when he heard someone knocking on the door.

He pulled it open and was about to bite the head off the teenage receptionist when he was met with the most amazing pair of green eyes.

He saw her look at him with mouth gaped open and wide eyes. Then he remembered he was buck naked, with water dripping down his chest and thighs.

A shade of red spread from her face, neck and down her lovely cleavage. She wore a loosely fitted green cotton V-neck T-shirt and denim shorts. She looked like a pocket size Venus statue with voluptuous curves. He swallowed hard and felt a sudden arousal coming on.

She seemed to notice that as well. Her eyes grew larger still and she licked her lips nervously.

Darcy immediately turned to grab the bed sheet to cover his raging little man.

“I…I’m sorry.” The woman spoke with a shaky voice. “Lydia shouldn’t have put you in here. The room is still under renovation.”

When Darcy turned around, he caught her staring at his butt. He pressed himself to the wall and nodded. “You got another room for me?”

“We’re full. But let me fix the tap.”

He wrapped the bed sheet around his lower body and followed her.

Watching her by the door, he saw that she went over to the vanity, knelt down on all four and stuck her head under it.

He admired her with fascination. Her bottom shook a few times, forward and backward, right to left and left to right. What is she doing under the vanity? The water is not bursting there.

“Damn! It’s too tight for me to screw it.” She said and stuck her head out to turn to look at him.

He gasped for air as he saw that water on the floor had made her T-shirt stick onto her body and she didn’t seem to be wearing a bra. Her nipples stood hard and proud in a wet T-shirt show for him.

“Can you help me switch off the main?” She knew what he was gazing at, with mouth opened. She rolled her eyes and asked loudly.

Darcy looked at the wet floor and her tempting body. He wanted to refuse because by helping her, his only protection, the bed sheet, would become wet as well.

“Are you going to come or not?” She asked impatiently again.

Definitely! I haven’t gotten laid for many months. He nearly spoke the words out loud. Drawing a deep breath, he walked inside the bathroom and crouched down beside her.

He covered her hands. They both felt the jolt of electricity go through their body asthey turned the knob together. Finally it moved and the water stopped bursting out from the shower pipe.

Everything went silent, except for their heavy breathing.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you on the phone.” Darcy apologised and gave her a shy smile. “I’m William Darcy. I had a bad day and the burst water pipe was the last straw.”

“Elizabeth Bennet. Don’t mention it. It’s our fault.” She smiled back.

When they stood up, their wet garments did not conceal the heightened nature of their bodies. They stole shy and hungry glances at each other.

“You’re…all wet.” He stammered, trying to pull the bed sheet in place to cover his lower body but it kept falling down due to the weight of the water.

“You can…use my room. I will stay in the reception room.” She added quickly, not wanting him to misunderstand.

He followed her meekly, half naked, all wet into her room.

The next morning, when Mrs. Bennet followed the trail of water damage on the carpet, she burst into her second daughter’s room and found Elizabeth snuggled tightly next to a handsome nude stranger, her screams could be heard as far as Netherfield.

Despite Elizabeth’s insistence that nothing untoward had happened during the night, Mrs. Bennet was ecstatic about the event, especially after she learned that Mr. Darcy was worth £10 billion.

When Darcy and Elizabeth got married six months later, Mrs. Bennet took Lydia on a round the world holiday, as reward to her putting Mr. Darcy in Room 69.

Do you have some aweful hotel experience?

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