Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drunken behaviour

How do you usually behave when you are tipsy or drunk?

In my forthcoming Pride and Prejudice what if novel, Bargain with the Devil, Elizabeth Bennet disguised as a young boy and followed Mr. Darcy when he went in search of George Wickham and Lydia Bennet.

Mr. Darcy got drunk with some fishermen and taught Elizabeth how to behave like a man by scratching "his" bulge. He also tried to teach her how to sit with "his" legs wide apart to show "his" manly asset.

I'm happy to say that I tend to be quiet and fall asleep soon when I am drunk. Is that a blessing?

Photo from movies ndtv.


  1. At my age I try and not get drunk. I just fall asleep, miss all the fun, and wake up with a headache.

    The Old Silly

  2. Oh, for sure that’s a blessing. Now, fully understand, I’ve never been drunk, but, I heard tell… Yeah, quiet and sleepy is preferable to loud, obnoxious, insufferable, know it all, and, well, stupid. Hmmm. I have trouble with those when I’m sober. Yikes.

    Best regards, Galen

  3. This was a fun post. You tied together drinking, Pride and Prejudice and acting "manly." I tweeted it in hopes others will come by and see how you did it!

    Straight From Hel

  4. Gotta be careful falling asleep drunk. A friend of mine once was the first to pass out in a chair, and the ladies gave him a makeover. Hilarious. He woke up about 2:00 a.m. and couldn't understand why everyone was laughing at him until he got up to use the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

    - Steve Tremphttp://www.stephentremp.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks Helen, I was trying to find a photo of an actress cross dressing as a man but didn't have any luck. But Tootsie here adds quite an effect. Haha, Marvin and Galen, we all TRY not to get drunk, but so many friends and so many good occasions around...

  6. Oh oh, Stephen, that's cruel! But for the benefit of giving a good laugh, I maybe happy to sacrify myself.

  7. Ha! You're hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh today.


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