Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiss and Tell (For adults only)

Marvin at Free Spirit blog is interested in my pen surname, which of course is the same as his real surname. I've in fact written a drabble of another Wilson. Have a read.


The drabble was for Anushca (Ana) who chose the word “courtesan”.

Kiss and Tell
- Regency, R-rate

Darcy entered the library, in time to see Elizabeth hiding a book behind her back.

“What did you have there?” He asked.

“Not a thing.”

Darcy sat down by her side and wrapped his arms around her suddenly. He pulled the book from behind her. “ ‘Memoirs by Harriette Wilson!’ “

“You said that an accomplished lady must improve her mind by extensive reading.”

“Commendable! You still remember my words after 12 years. But what can you learn from the mistress of Wellington?”

Elizabeth pushed him away and stood up. Slowly she started a sensual dance and took off her clothes. She exposed her twin peaks one after the other, slowly caressing and rubbing them. Her hands moved lower and exposed her womanhood. Darcy eyes’ widened. He swallowed. His arousal came in full force immediately.

When she started unbuttoning his breeches, he fed hungrily on her gorgeous bosom. Then she mounted him and brought him to a rough and torrid mating. They reached the peak with a loud scream. Darcy held her tight and they convulsed together for a long time.

“My dear, did you like what I learned from a courtesan?” Elizabeth kissed him breathlessly and he nodded eagerly.

The End


  1. Yeeeikes! THIS post certainly lived up to the blog's title! :)

    Now ya got me horny, Enid!

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  2. I've added you to my alter ego's blogroll -- a perfect fit!

  3. Marvin, is that H word allowed? Haha, thanks for commenting. KA you write erotic book too? Very talented.

  4. So you have 3 blogs? I have to check them out in detail later on.


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