Saturday, May 30, 2009

Agricultural Sydney

Elle Parker has an excellent link about "Author Online Promotional Don'ts". Number five of the don't is "Don’t stick to just the romance community. Surely you have other interests other than writing romance? Go forth and seek out new and fertile ground."

So I will talk more about my other passions in future: Food, Travel and Tennis. I talked about Sydney Italian community the other day, today's post is about the Royal Easter Show.

The Easter Show is Australia’s largest annual event, a nationally iconic showcase of Australian culture and heritage.

The Show aims to recognise achievements in agriculture through competition, and promote awareness among city Showgoers, honouring our agricultural heritage whilst providing a platform for the future.

A city girl through and through, I confess I treat it more as a theme park event. Here are some photos to share with you. (cake decoration, pumpkins and fish built by fruit)


  1. Sumptuous post. You take your own photos, Enid?

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  2. Thanks to Sony high mega pixel camera, I can now take my own photos in quite good quality.

  3. Amazing pictures! Wow - yeah, I'd consider them very much theme park pix, too. I said the same to a friend who's a chef with a new cookbook -- cookbooks are all fiction to me (food porn!).

  4. As a fly fisherman, I love, love, love the fish. Very clever. Thanks for sharing this long distance event.

    Best Regards, Galen.

  5. KA you have the most amazing opinion on everything. Cookbook = food porn, LOL! Galen, will you share photos of your catch with us in your blog soon?


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