Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mr. Darcy buys a new carriage

“You have changed your grand carriage?” Miss Bingley looked at the interior with a displeased frown. Ah, she unknowingly revealed she had been following Mr. Darcy. How very improper!

“I am thinking of acquiring this,” he said, and patted my hand which was still resting on his arm. “And I asked Miss Bennet for her most valued opinion.”

“But this is most unbefitting to your status!” Miss Bingley argued.

Snobbish woman! “I do not know that you need your carriage to show your status, Mr. Darcy,” I commented.

“Indeed not. I am still Darcy of Pemberley, whatever I travel in.”

“Caroline does not mean to imply any of that,” Mrs. Hurst jumped in.

“Of course not.” Miss Bingley glared at me. “This just looks too tiny and not luxuriant enough for you. I am only concerned about your comfort, Mr. Darcy,” she said in a pleasing tone, as if she was sweet-talking to a child. Yuck!

“Miss Bennet thinks differently.” He caressed my hand. The two ladies sitting opposite had their eyes wide open. I was speechless for a second. He was overacting!

I arched my brow and challenged him, saying, “Yes, Mr. Darcy has a reckless side. The Clarence is a speedy and bold carriage for when he feels like shaking off society’s bad tidings.” Like Miss Bingley!

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