Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bedroom Gruntometer

The two men sitting in front of Darcy were chatting in low voices:

“How come Caroline Bingley grunts so loud when she plays, but Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t utter a sound?”

“Don’t you read the magazines? They called Caroline, ‘The Bedroom Gruntometer’. They say she would probably be the most responsive woman to fuck in the British tennis circuit, and that she would give you not just sexual satisfaction, but also high decibel readings.”

“I’d love her to give me a blowjob! With her constant grunting, her mouth and throat muscles must be very well exercised!”

Both men burst out laughing. Darcy rolled his eyes. There is no accounting for taste! I wouldn’t sleep with Caroline if she gave me five blowjobs a night. The woman is mean and mercenary! he thought.

- From Bedroom Gruntometer, My Darcy Pulsates...

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