Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why did Elizabeth Bennet have blood on her hands?

Headstrong Girls: A bit of mystery, a bit of love, all inspired by Jane Austen is published! It is a collection of short stories and short film script my friends Debra Anne, June and I created together. In the writings, we have all used the words "headstrong girl" there. We've also created a tag-along mystery story called Scream. Here is a teaser:


A loud scream pierced the night’s silence. It startled Netherfield’s sleeping occupants, and they scrambled out of their beds to trace the source of the disturbance.

Fitzwilliam Darcy grabbed the nightshirt by the bed and rushed toward the commotion, near Bingley’s family wing.

There, inside one of the chambers, the contorted body of Mrs. Louisa Hurst lay listless on the floor. The screeching poured from her sister, Miss Caroline Bingley. Standing by the window, she shrieked and pointed a finger at another person crouching by the body.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet! 

The mane of chocolate curls was loosened around her shoulders. In her modest muslin nightdress, which hid her lush curves, she looked like a vision from a faraway land, if not for the blood on her hands.

“Louisa!” Bingley exclaimed, and dashed to his injured sister.

“She killed her!” Miss Bingley wailed. “This evil woman murdered Louisa!”

“I came in to check on her!” Elizabeth rose to her defence, standing up to give way to Bingley, “I heard the sounds of a struggle.”

“Do not attempt to deny it!” snapped Miss Bingley as she pulled the cord for the servants. It was a rather futile action, as nearly half the household was already gathered outside the room. “You have blood on your hands.”

Elizabeth shook her head vehemently.

“Cooper,” Darcy stepped in, addressing the butler. “Send for the doctor and the magistrate immediately.”
“Yes, get the magistrate this instant, Mr. Darcy!” Miss Bingley bolted to his side and grasped his arm as she continued to throw allegations at Miss Bennet. “Get this vile woman to the gaol. She should be hanged for killing Louisa.”

“Be calm, Miss Bingley,” Darcy told her firmly. “The magistrate must investigate the matter. I am certain Miss Bennet is not related to Mrs. Hurst’s injury. Mrs. Nicholls, dismiss the servants and take Miss Bingley back to her room. She has suffered a shock, and needs rest. And, where is Hurst?”

Before Mrs. Nicholls, the housekeeper, could reply, Miss Bingley shook away her hand and jumped back from Mr. Darcy.

“I shall not rest until I see the magistrate taking this devil away.” She edged toward the windows and glared at Elizabeth.  “You have cast a spell on Mr. Darcy, witch! His love of your fine eyes dulls his wit.”

Oh, oh, why did Lizzy have blood on her hands? You can continue reading with Headstrong Girls. Now available:

Kindle USA
Kindle UK



  1. Great excerpt, and great cover!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Love the cover. What naughty expressions those ladies have.

  3. She was trying to save her, but it was too late. That's how she got blood on her hands.

  4. Will you publish a version of this for the Nook????

    Margaret F

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Haha, Morgan, Maryann, Helen, thank you for coming by. Great ideas! Hi Margaret, the book is out in Nook now. Hope you find it at B&N.


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