Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Welcoming Nightmare - NC17, Regency, naughty bits

Mr. Darcy woke with a start. His heart pumped fast and sweat perspired through his body. What was the nightmare about? He could not remember clearly as it was fading. Concentrating for a moment, he remembered Elizabeth’s distress at the Inn of Lambton the day before. That damnation of a scoundrel! Wickham had seduced Elizabeth’s silly sister and they had eloped. Now the Bennet family would be ruined, if Wickham and Miss Lydia were not found. Darcy determined that it would not be the case. He would trace the blackguard in London and made him marry Miss Lydia. But in the nightmare, Wickham seemed to have gone away. Yes, Elizabeth’s family was indeed ruined. Darcy was prevented from marrying his loveliest Elizabeth. Instead, he was forced to marry Caroline Bingley! Miss Bingley compromised him when he had fallen ill. What a nightmare! In the dream, he was miserable and angry with Mrs. Caroline Darcy laughing at him all the time. He felt used. Eeeeeeeeee! The sound of a door cracked open alerted him, drawing him from his thoughts of the nightmare back to present. He looked to the source. Far away in the other room, he noticed the sound came from the panel near the fireplace in his bedroom. He was not sleeping in his room these few days. After his return to Pemberley, he wanted to feel near to his beloved, so he slept in Elizabeth’s room. Continue reading by pressing here.

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