Thursday, May 10, 2012

Phone smut - NC17, modern



Elizabeth frowned. She looked around and discovered a mobile phone left on the reception counter. It was 6:45 in the evening and the receptionist at her office had left. Who would have come into the building and left the phone? She decided to answer it and find out about it. She could then organise for it to be sent back to the owner.


Even before she had finished the greeting, the high-pitch sound of a woman with strong nasal accent blasted into her ear.

"Darling Fitz, it’s Caroline here. I’ve found this wonderful pair of shoes at Jimmy Choo. It has four inches of platform in rainbow colours and very delicate strings to tie to my gorgeous feet. You’ve got to see me in them. They’re superb with my orange skin-tight cocktail dress for tonight's party. I’ve put them on your account. I'm sure you won't mind. Gigi was ok with it. Where are you now? When can we expect you?"

"Umh, Caro..."

"Oh, and I came across this exquisite sunflower necklace with a solitaire diamond in Tiffany. It’s totally amazing. It looks stunning on me. I’ve put it on your account too."

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