Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Nutty Professor Series

I've revised Chemical Reaction and put it up in Kindle. Do check it out. I'm not sure about the book cover, the toilet encounter is kind of...

At the age of 30, billionaire scientist Nathan Dark aims to tick another box in his life plan by finding a wife and settling down. But a public relations snafu makes it sound as if he is a virginal 'nutty professor' advertising for a wife.

A recent university graduate, gifted chemist Elissa Young is seeking research opportunities and life experience, intending to experience plenty of both before she will even consider getting married. But a violent break-in at the lab and a kidnapping bring them together.

Will feisty Elissa fall in love with the arrogant mad scientist?

Be warned: This title features a nutty professor, sexy assistants, kidnapping and botched condoms.
 This is my first nutty professor. I'm thinking of a physicist and a biologist next.

Thanks Cold, for reviewing it.


  1. I haven't reviewed the actual story, as my reading pile is SWAMPED, but the set-up sounds really fun! I am an academic by day, so I KNOW those arrogant scientist types...

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I used to be an academic, for a little while many years ago.


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