Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best hamburger in town - Modern, drabble

“This is it?” Darcy wrinkled his nose at the dark and dull diner, asking Charles with a touch of disbelief.

His friend nodded eagerly. “Out of our survey of 1,000 people, it’s named the place for the BEST hamburger.”

The place was sure busy. The two men waited for nearly 20 minutes before they got their hamburgers. Darcy ordered one with lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, cheese and mustard while Charles went for pickles and relish in additional to the traditional filling.

After one bite into it, Darcy eyes widened. It was juicy, delicious and refreshing. He pushed past the crowd and demanded to see the chef.

“You can talk to me, hunk,” The young girl with a low cut tank top leaned her huge breasts against him and purred.

Darcy scowled and slipped a $50 note to her. “I need to see the chef, now!”

“You’re cute, but so beat,” The girl pushed the note down her cleavage and then yelled at the top of her voice. “Lizzy, come out! Dad is here.” Then she whispered to Darcy, eyes batting, “Give me another $100 to cover for her. You can talk to her at the pub around the corner.”

Darcy’s lips tightened. Seeing that he was unmoved, Charles took out the money and gave to the young girl.

A minute or so later, Lizzy came out. “Where is Dad?”

“This old chap needs to see you, immediately!” The young girl pointed at Darcy. “I’ll cover for you for an hour.”

“Lydia!” Lizzy threw up her hands. “How many times did I tell you not to disturb me during my shift, especially with strange requests?”

Lydia pushed Lizzy out of the diner and said, “Just talk to them, or they will kill me!”

“Why?” Lizzy turned to look at the two men.

“Lizzy, I’m Charles Bingley from Darcy Production and this is our president William Darcy.” He held out his hand but Lizzy ignored him and turned to walk back.

“Hey, young girl, not so fast! Whose is the real chef in Longbourn Hamburger?” Darcy blocked her entrance.

Lizzy glared at him. “Move out of my way or else…”

Her flashing eyes made his heart jump. She might be young, but the stubborn set of the jaw held certain allure. “I just want to talk to the chef. I’m producing a TV show. I want to feature Longbourn’s hamburger. I’ll make the chef a celebrity. He won’t need to be stuck in this small hole, forever.”

“Is that right? How exciting!” Lizzy said cheerfully. “Come inside with me, I’ll show you.”

Darcy felt a flood of warmth in his body, on seeing her beautiful smile. He couldn’t help but put his hand on the base of her back, to guide her forward. The electric touch made him did something he would never have done in normal circumstances. Bending toward her, he whispered to her ear. “Want to show me the, uhm, town’s sight afterwards? I want to come with you.”

Lizzy stopped dead and turned her face upwards to look at him, with mouth open. Their lips were just inches away from each other. He was tempted to kiss her there and then. But she moved away and walked into the diner with quick strides.

Two steps into the diner, Darcy saw a sausage flying his way. As if in slow motion, he followed the red and yellow stains of the ketchup and mustard leaving a trail of smear along his Armani suit.

And with two noisy steps, Lizzy stood in front of him and glared at him. “I’m Elizabeth Bennet, the chef and owner of Longbourn Hamburger. I don’t mind being stuck in this hole, even for my next life, Mr. hot shot celebrity Darcy!”

Then she leaned toward him, seemingly like giving him a perk on the cheek. Whispering an ‘Enjoy the sight!’, she slipped her hand into his suit and across his torso, giving him shiver. Before Darcy knew what happened, she slipped a raw egg into the breast pocket of his shirt, patted him hard on the chest, and broke the egg.

Amid Darcy’s swearing, Lizzy arched her eyebrows, gave him a sweet smile and walked back into the kitchen.


What should Darcy do now? Give me some thoughts.

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