Monday, September 6, 2010

Bra + Heat = DH - part 2

Elizabeth’s role was to do control experiments to test the proportion in the change of the bra structure against different temperature ranges and introduce various variables to see how that proportion would differ.

Today’s experiment involved five minutes of slow walking on the treadmill and then 15 seconds of fast running.

She was into her second cycle of the test when the door of the laboratory was pushed open.

“Mr. Darcy!” Elizabeth exclaimed as she saw Darcy walked in. She swallowed hard as her eyes scanned from his masculine bare torso down to his tight speedo and strong thighs. She stopped running but her heart seemed to be still pumping.

“Miss Bennet!” He stopped dead near the door and drew in a deep breath. His gaze focused on her creamy white breasts, which were cupped by the blue bra and linked to various black wires. His arousal came on immediately so he moved the towel he was carrying to cover his front.

“I…Are your family well?” He said, shifting from one foot to another.

“They… they are well. And yours?” She drew in a deep breath and stepped down from the treadmill.


She felt a jerk on her body and then looked down at her chest in horror. The front clipped Steamy Bra had burst opened and it literally flew off from her body to the computer monitor. She turned to try to grab it back but lost her footing on the edge of the treadmill.

“Ah!” She screamed in frustration.

Darcy’s eyes nearly popped out on seeing her deep red nipples. But on hearing her scream, he dashed over to save her from falling over.

With hands wrapping around her waist, he pulled her up a bit too hard. Their naked upper bodies smacked onto each other.

“Elizabeth.” He moaned out her name and lowered his lips to suckle her sensual lips.

“Oh!” She breathed the word into his mouth and rubbed her hands around his back. As her nipples became rock hard against his chest, she felt his arousal pushing against her.

When he thrust his tongue inside her mouth, she felt liquid heat down her body and in dire need of doing something violent. So she pushed his speedo down and grabbed his bottom.

That got Darcy groaned in ecstasy.

“William and Elizabeth!” Mrs. Reynolds blinked her eyes twice. An almost naked Mr. Darcy was standing in her lab, kissing passionately a half-naked Elizabeth. She blinked one more time and caught sight of the computer. “My Steamy bra!” She cried out and strode into the lab to rescue the prototype.

Darcy did not care a toss about the bra. He wanted to continue kissing Elizabeth so he pulled up his swim trousers and carried a squeaking Elizabeth through the back door and out to the lake.

The End

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