Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bra + Heat = DH - part 1

“Elizabeth, I’m sorry you do not get the placement with the National Research Council.” Magdalene Gardiner said.

Elizabeth’s face crumbled.

“But I’ve got another exciting opportunity for you. Amy Reynolds is an old friend of mine and she’s looking for a physics graduate for her project…”

A week later, Elizabeth reported duty to Pemberley Products. She had misgivings in taking up the job. First, the company belonged to him. What if she met him there? It would be most awkward.

Second, why would a bra development project need a physics graduate? Mrs. Reynolds did not conduct the interview herself so Elizabeth didn’t have a chance to ask in detail. But the salary was generous and it would help her pay a big trunk of next year’s graduate school. Anyway the job was in Derbyshire, away from London where he was reported to have been seen lately.

She had settled in the job for a week and truly liked it.

“Oh Lizzy, sorry to do this to you, but the model is off sick today. Can you help do the test instead?” Mrs. Reynolds came in with the latest prototype of the Steamy Bra. “You can see my chest is no where near its size.” She laughed as she placed the prototype on her chest to demonstrate the point.

“We should make another smaller-size prototype in future.” Elizabeth murmured as she agreed to stand in for the model. She went behind the curtain and took off her blouse to put on the bra. Luckily she was dressed in a loose skirt today.

“I wish that too. But we can’t be too wasteful at this stage of the product development.” Mrs. Reynolds said. Then she called out suddenly. “Ugh! I totally forget about the visitors tomorrow. I need to talk to Wharton, our hospitality manager right now. Back in a sec. Can you start the test first?”

When Elizabeth came out from behind the curtain, the elderly lady was gone. She stuck all the test wires on various parts of her body and the bra and started walking on the treadmill.

Steamy Bra was the latest invention by Pemberley Products. The strapless bra would change its shape and push a woman’s breasts closer and higher when her body temperature increased. It aimed to display a woman’s assets more prominently when she became aroused after meeting someone attractive.

To be continued in next post soon...

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