Monday, August 16, 2010

The Blue Pills - Part 1- NB, NC-17

Science fiction, unbeta'd, not suitable for under 17

Caroline B40 smiled smugly. Today would be her day. Her day would end with getting Sexobot Darcy into her bed.

Not exactly her own bed at Netherfield Base but in the sumptuous bed here in Hunsford Deck.

She forked out a fortune for the whole thing: the pills, the dinner and the suite. W007 Collins was the leading inventor in Austen galaxy in the male ensnaring pill.

Collins hypothesis was simple. It was a scientific fact that Martians were attracted to opposite sex by the sense of smell. So if you wanted a male Martian to desire you, you just needed to find out what scent excited him and matched it.

And she had. With the help of her hapless brother Charles B44, she managed to plant an invisible temperature tracking device on Darcy’s neck. Collins had studied the data she collected and observed that Darcy’s body temperature shoot up at least 1.28 degree in November every time he was near that trashy Eliza X88 from Meryton Planet.

Since the whole Martian party left that backwater planet, his body temperature was always below normal, a chill.

So she paid a galaxy robber to steal some panties from Eliza and asked Collins to examine the scent.

After five long months of waiting, he finally produced this unique set of pills. He called them DPP, Darcy Possession Pills.

Caroline would need to take the pink one to make her smell like Eliza’s. She would need to slip the blue one into Darcy’s drink, to disturb his normal chemical balance. It would make him behave less like Martians who were calm and reserve but more like Earthlings who were passionate and expressive. And as a Sexobot, Darcy’s chemical balance once disturbed, he would be like an addict. He would need a few mating each day to keep his composure. Laughing out loud, Caroline could imagine her power over him. She would withhold sex; in exchange for all the expensive gifts in the world, for Darcy was one of the richest men in the galaxy.

Caroline’s plan went smoothly. Darcy and she were sitting down for dinner, after she sent her brother away on an errand. But not long after she slipped the blue capsule into Darcy’s drink, the horrible Eliza X88 walked in with her friend Charlotte L54. Caroline swallowed the pink pill immediately, hoping that W007’s invention was enough to counter the real scent of Eliza.

“Hi Caroline, nice to see you again, after so many months.” Charlotte L54 greeted her pleasantly. “Collins W007 invited me here to go through one of his latest research and I brought my friend Elizabeth with me.”

Suddenly Darcy gave out an ear piercing howl and jumped up from his chair. He pulled Caroline to his body with force and sniffed her neck quickly.

“Yuck!” He sneezed and pushed her away roughly, sending her onto the floor.

“What are you doing?” Elizabeth X88’s voice drew his attention. She was trying to help Caroline up.

But she was prevented by Darcy. He wrapped his arm around her waist. “I don’t know.” Pulling her tight to his chest, he drew in a deep breath. “Your scent! It’s heavenly. I don’t know what happened. But I don’t think I can suppress my sexobotic functionality any more.” With that, he threw her over his shoulders and rushed out of Hunsford Deck to the luxuriant spaceship of Rosings.

Angry voices of Caroline B40 followed his mad dash. Concerning notes of Charlotte L54 travelled to his ears and argument of Elizabeth X88 filled his head. But his mind was out of control.

“What’s the meaning of this, nephew?” Catherine LD was standing near the entrance.

“Get out of my way!” Sexobot Darcy said wildly. “Or you will see me mating with X88 in front of you. My sexobotic is triggered.”

Catherine LD’s face turned green. “Savage man!”

Darcy pushed her out of the way and dashed into his suite and locked the door. Then he threw Elizabeth onto the huge waterbed.

To be continued...

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