Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Blue Pills - Part 2 - NB, NC-17

Not suitable for under 17 years old, unbeta'd, you can read Part 1 from 16 August.


“What do you mean mating with me? What do you mean your sexobotic is activated?” Elizabeth asked angrily.

Darcy was beyond explanation and words. Tearing off his Martian robe, his broad shoulders, taunt muscles and proud manhood were exposed. “I need to be mate with you or I will explode.” He threw himself on top of her.

“Let go of me! You arrogant Martian!”

“I can’t.” He grabbed hold of her face and rained hot and wet kisses over her eyes, cheeks and lips as he uttered the words. “I think I may have been poisoned. I can’t stop. Once my sexobotic functionality is triggered, I need to mate with the woman until I’m satisfied.”

“Is that your pathetic excuse to force yourself on me?” She tried to struggle free from him but he was strong and mad. Tearing off her spacesuit, he nibbled her neck, shoulders and breasts.

“Tie me up!” He yelled. His mouth now sucking her nipples. “Restrain me! Or I won’t stop.” With a tortured expression, he tightened his fists. Then with a loud howl, he rolled away from her body and held his hands tight onto the bed head. “Quick, tie me up!”

She panted and dashed to grab his robe, torn it into stripes and tied his right hand to the bed post. When she grabbed his left hand, his fist released and he cupped her breast. His hot and caressing fingers burnt her skin. She moaned out loud and his self control was gone.

His right hand easily broke free from the restraint. With both hands, he cupped and rubbed her exposed breasts. Her moaning became louder. When he pushed her higher to suck her nipples, she had forgotten the need to stop him.

Soon, he rolled her over on her back again and stripped the spacesuit off her body swiftly. “Please, Elizabeth, knock me unconscious now or I will force myself on you.” He pleaded as he trailed his mouth and fingers down her navel and apex.

Her hands grabbed his hair, torn between pulling him away and hugging him tight. A moment of hesitation allowed him to trace his tongue along her folds. She shuddered with needs as blood rioted in her body.

As he licked and thrust into her entrance, he kept murmuring, “I’ve…loved you since I met you…in Meryton. But I don’t want to…give way to my…instinct. It must be that…crazy Caroline B40 who…triggered my sexobotic. She…smelt of you, but with a small % of…rotten orange scent. You know what it means…with Sexobot Martian?”

“No…Yes…Don’t talk…Darcy, just make me come!” Elizabeth gritted her teeth as she felt a climax building. He’s not even inside of her. How talented was his tongue.

When he threw her legs over his shoulders and started sucking her nub, she convulsed and reached the peak immediately. Waves after waves of hot fluid rushed down her body and pooled at the juncture of her thighs.

He raised his body and wrapped her legs around his waist. Brushing her bush and folds, he positioned himself at her entrance. She felt her soul coming down to earth, as she shivered at his ministration and trembled with anticipation.

With a flex of her legs, she drew him forward. He groaned loudly and pushed his thick arousal all the way into her. She arched her body up to receive his fierce and forceful invasion. He was hot, hard and thick. When he slammed into her hilt, she thought she reached heaven again. Every inch of her inner muscles were touched by his coarse and velvety shaft.

Then he lowered his upper body, kissed her hard on the mouth as his torso pressed against her breasts. Soon he raised his lower body, like a strong fish, he thrust forward and backward at speed, bombarding her muscles and womb with his presence. She had never felt such pleasure before. Every inch of her body, from head, chest to toe were glued to him, except when he was pulling back to impale deeper into her.

As the pleasure became too great, she dug her finger nails onto his back and screamed with satisfaction. He stopped his thrusting then, allowing her to squeeze him tight and savour the aftermath of the second orgasm. His heavy breathing moved with her body.

But he did not allow her to rest too long. Not a few minutes had gone before he started pounding into her again. This time, he raised his upper body and used his hands to worship her breasts. When her nipples were puckered hard, another wave of sensation cruised through her body. She squirmed and rubbed against him as he slammed into her, again and again, on and on. It took her two more orgasms before he came. When he burst his seed into her, he shivered and convulsed for ages. Her muscles were scorched with intense heat.

In the next 24 hours, Sexobot Darcy woke and mate with Elizabeth X88 for countless times. Luckily their body seemed to be made for each other. She achieved climax after climax no matter how many times he pounded into her and at what position.

Several attempts had been tried by Catherine LD, Caroline B40 and others to burst open the door. But the structure of Rosings was built to last. They were not successful to disturb the mating. Instead, the throe of passion inside the suite was heard by everyone outside.

After 24 hours, Darcy’s urges finally seemed to dissipate for the moment.

“What now?” Elizabeth asked. She was lying on top of him. They were both exhausted.

“Did you not know about Sexobot Martian?”

She shook her head.

He grabbed a remote and switched on the computer for her to read about his genetic composition.

“What? I become your fix?” Her mouth hanged open.

“I’m afraid so, my dear addictive Lizzy. If you don’t let me mate with you, I’ll die of toxic frustration very soon.”

“But how embarrassing! Your urges can come any time any day!”

“That’s why we wear robe, to cover our bodies when I need to mate with you in public. But once we have a few children, my urges may be more controllable. I may be able to wait until we go back home before I demand sex with you.” He grinned with a blush.

“I’m going to kill B40!” She swore. “I don’t even like you.”

But she was a caring person. Taking pity of his well being, she allowed him to stay and live with her. She got to understand his character better. And he learned to live with her loud and crude family.

His crazy sexobotic urges both endeared and embarrassed her. They got married a few months afterwards. But their public display of affection did not stop until they had six children and they were well into their old ages.

As for Caroline B40, after the bitter disappointment of not ensnaring Darcy with DPP, she had a heart attack the first time she saw him mate with Elizabeth publicly at her dinner party. She could never bear the sight of Martian men since then and lived a reclusive life.

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