Monday, May 24, 2010

Lizzy the Learner Witch - Part 2

“Lizzy here, mother, you must come at once!” Elizabeth continued to yell while Darcy turned round to stare.

“Don’t look,” Elizabeth demanded, after failing to summon her mother the fifth time.

He turned his face to the door reluctantly. The image of her perfect body was imprinted in his mind. Why was this Lizzy in the library au naturel?

The he heard some strange words and turned around involuntarily. The feisty woman was wiggling her bottoms like Cameron Diaz did in Charlie Angels and chanted “Billows and borrows, bestow me a bunch of clothes.”

Treated to an eye popping dance move, blood rushed down his body.

Then strong breeze tore through the library and he felt a cold shiver on his thighs. He looked down and saw that his kilt had disappeared, leaving him in his black underpants.

He put his hands to cover his pride as Elizabeth swore, “Bloody difficult magic!”

He raised his head and saw that his kilt was hanging loose on Lizzy’s waist. As it was too big for her, she used both hands to grab the garment and left her perfectly round breasts for him to devour!

You can read the first part here.

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