Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Highlander and the Witch

Inspired by Bewitched. A drabble for "ruins"


Elizabeth touched the wall of the ruins with a satisfied smile. She just bought the place.

Wiggling her bottoms fast like Cameron Diaz in Charlie Angels, she chanted “Fiery and Furry, I command you to return to your glory!”

A gust of strong wind blew, whipping up sand, water and seeds. A few minutes later, she was standing in a magnificent library.

She looked out from the window to see that the ruins had turned into an impressive estate. But she was buck naked. As a late bloomer in the world of witchcraft, gaining the power at 20 only, she did not master it well.

The sound of the door open and close alerted her.

A most handsome hunk was standing by the door, wet and half naked, but for a dark green kilt.

“Omh..Mrs. Bennet said this was the bathroom”

Face turning bright red, Elizabeth covered her breast and sex.

“Mother is wrong. Mr…”

“Darcy. I was caught in the rain.”

“Just go!”

Darcy turned around and tried the handle of the door.

“It’s stuck.”

“Mother!” Elizabeth yelled. How could her mother leave her in a room, naked with this highlander! And she could not use her magic, unless she wiggled her bottoms!

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