Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Foot fetish?

Get sick of my "leather" drabble? Here is another one for you.


“Are you addicted to Hush Puppy leather shoes suddenly?” Charles asked. "I thought you're a Bally man!"

It was William’s sixth pair. What could he do? He went to this shoe shop with Charles one day, criticising the decor and products, only to have this gorgeous sales lady Elizabeth overhearing him and staring at him disapprovingly.

When she helped him try on a pair of leather shoes (remember William did not wear Hush Puppy), she “accidentally” hit his heel with the shoehorn. He gritted his teeth to suppress the pain but couldn’t take his eyes off her.

How pathetic was he? To go back the next day, only to discover she was not there. He went there every day since, finally catching her on Friday. Since then, he had bought sixth pair of Hush Puppies leather shoes from her every Friday.

As he prepared to join Charles and his fiancée for dinner, William decided to ask Elizabeth out next Friday. It could be a disaster. She could be a silly girl but at least he could be sure she wasn’t after his money. If she did, she would have made a move on him when he made a point of showing up in his Mercedes sport car and a wallet full of cash the second Friday.

William's countenance looked like a puppy with love stuck eyes and mouth hung open when he discovered that Elizabeth was the sister of Charles fiancée.

Do you have a foot fetish adventure to share?

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