Friday, May 14, 2010

Steamy riding adventures - NC-17

The word "leather" seems to be quite inspirational. Here is another drabble for you. I've toned down the language a bit.


They were within twenty yards of each other inside Pemberley’s stables, and so abrupt was her appearance, that it was impossible to avoid her sight.

“You are back!”

“I am sorry to listen to Caroline’s lies.”

Mr. Darcy stepped forward and embraced his wife tightly. “You are home.”

Elizabeth basked in his warmth which she missed for the past six months. She started raining kisses on his face and lips. “Yes!”

Her fervent action stirred his dormant body.

He pushed her against the stall and sat her on one of the leather saddles.

Pushing the neckline of her day dress down, he lowered his head to bury himself in the sweet scent of her bosom. His hands moved to pull up the hem and rubbed her secret garden frantically.

Elizabeth responded. Pushing down his riding breeches with shaking hands, she palmed his member and worshipped it.

He raised his head in a loud howl, grabbed her hands away and thrust into her in one mighty push.

Like a wild stallion, he rode her with neck-breaking speed.

Their ecstatic cries could be heard hundred of yards away. Luckily all the servants had left the stables when they saw the mistress returned.


Do you have some steamy riding adventures to share?

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