Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is there a good witch?

In Bargain with the Devil, Ipswich the Good Witch played a pivotal role in punishing the villain.

So how did I choose her name?

I chose her name because of the rhythm. Also, Ipswich in England is near a river and thus provides a good escape route.

Why did I make her a nice witch?

I guess I believe in paranormal events and there are so many unexplained occurrences in the world. It is possible that some people can have special power and can connect to the unknown.

How did I make her a good witch?

Her curse only works on people who deserve it. She also recycle her witchcraft material (just a modern touch by me).

I'm happy to say that she's quite well received by readers. Even another writer asked for my permission to use Ipswich the Good Witch in her story.

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