Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twitter with Mr. Darcy!

Event: Bargain with the Devil Twitter Party
Date: 20 Sept Sunday
Time: 2 pm USA West Coast (2 pm Sunday California time, i.e. 5 pm Sunday New York time, Monday 7 pm Sydney time and 6 pm Tokyo time - I hope I'm correct)
Duration: 1.5 hour, drop in any time
Host: Acquanetta Ferguson, popular San Diego Examiner

1) Follow Acquanetta at
2) Type #steamydarcy when you chat at twitter (, register or sign in)
3) We will chat about Jane Austen, Pride and Prejduce or my stories
4) Goodies: We are giving out little souvenirs from my Europe trip every 10 minutes or so by asking you questions on JA, P&P or stories at my website.

Gifts include: 1. Rose scented soap (Marseille) 2. Bracelet (Corsica) 3. Phone bag (Corsica) 4. Treasure box (Piza)5 Mint box (Germany) 6. Paper clips (Germany) 7. Necklace (Italy) 8. Aboriginal notepad (Australia)

All of you (18 years old and over)are invited. Happy chatting!

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