Sunday, September 20, 2009

Devil Ranks No. 10 in Regency Romance!

I'm happy to report that Bargain with the Devil's Amazon USA ranking has gone up to 8,000 at the end of last month. I forgot to check how it ranked in its own category though.

Since then I have been tracking its sales ranking at various amazons. Here are the results:

Amazon UK - 49,661 (18 Sept)
Amazon Germany - 6,853 in English books (17 Sept)

The happiest news is that at Amazon Canada, Devil's ranking has gone to 9,177 today and the book is No.10 best seller in Regency romance!

Thank you USA, Canada, Germany and UK!

Now readers in France and Japan, let see what you can do.

If you like my book, especially for non-English readers, you can help other readers find it by

1. Putting a tag in your relevant Amazon (under product detail)
2. Putting a short review there
3. Telling your local bookshops to stock it.

Am I one hell of a bossy lady?

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