Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hot scenes and fortune telling

Elizabeth had never beheld such a sight in her fortune telling. She felt hot and flustered as if she were intruding on the couple’s most private moments. She wanted to end the session, but her hands might as well have been glued to the crystal ball. She did not understand why she could not take her hands away.

She then saw the man press the woman to the side of the bathtub, her face away from him. He raised his body slightly, and she could see a birthmark on the back of his waist, near the spine. It was heart shaped.

She watched him move in slow motion as if he was riding… riding the woman! Elizabeth’s breath became shallow. She was shocked and mortified to witness this intimate coupling. She did not know couples could make love in a bath and that a man could ride a woman in that fashion from behind. She tried to pull her hands away from the crystal ball, but they would not move.

The muscles on his back rippled during the motion. His big body covered the petite shape of the woman. One of his hands entwined with hers on the edge of the bath while the other was dipped into the water, out of Elizabeth’s vision, doing lord knows what. - you can continue reading from Sketching His Character.

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