Monday, July 20, 2009

Can you survive a nomadic existence?

Last week I was moving office. It was so exhausting that I didn't blogged or twittered for a few days.

Why is moving so tiring, both emotionally and physically? Did we accumulate too many "things" in our daily lives? Why did we want to hang on to them?

What would happen if we (city people) were thrown back into a nomadic existence?

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  1. I'm too old and settled to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle anymore. Plus I need my internet - lol. But when I was a young Hippie I'd hitchhike all over the continent with my guitar over my shoulder. Drop in on a jam club and sit in with the band, hook up with a chick (if I got lucky) and/or get an invite to sleep over at a Hippie pad, stay in that town maybe a few days and then stick out my thumb and go. I loved the serendipitous freedom of that lifestyle.

    The Old Silly

  2. Interesting proposition, Enid. Unlike, Marvin, I've been settled in one spot (Nashville) most of my life. My experience as a nomad has been in the business world. I've shifted about between no less than 15 jobs during my working career. Now that I'm retired, I've settled in as a mystery writer. I'd hate to have to move again. As you say, I've accumulated tons of junk I'd have to do something with.

  3. Ah, we do change a lot during our life span. No wonder relationships form and break down too.


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