Friday, June 5, 2009

Can you crack the code?

Yesterday I talked about eco-sensitive burial. Here is a ghost story I've written a while back. Happy reading!


Three days before Halloween, William was working late in the office when a storm broke out suddenly. Lightning pierced the dark sky and loud thunder disturbed the quiet office. Not much later, all the lights were gone. His computer also shut down. When the lights came back on after a few minutes, Darcy saw that the computer screen was still black. Out of the blue, a white text scrolled on the black screen.

g d o h t l o p t h t e x h b a f l l j o n w r e v z e d n p h a l r t y
y p o t x u b w f i j l l f n i r n d y v o z d u h r d l e p s t t i x n y t h b e f r j e n

Then the printer switched back on and printed out the text. A female voice was heard from the speakers of the computer. The voice sounded familiar to him. “William, these are instructions from your late mother. Carry them out or risk punishment from the other world. This recording will be destroyed in 10 seconds.” Then a male voice was heard. “And from your father too. Don’t be scared, my boy. Just do as your mother said. I’m sure you are smart enough to decipher the message.”

William’s eyes widened and jumped away from the computer. Bloody hell! Did Richard plant this prank? I'm going to kill him. Where did he get mother and father’s voices and doctor them into this recording? Looking around the huge empty office, he had an eerie feeling. He took his jacket, brief case and then on second thought, the printout and left the office immediately.

He rang Richard many times on his drive back to Pemberley, but Richard’s mobile phone was switched off. He paced around his study, growling at the printout for hours, thinking how to decipher the message. The phone finally rang. It was not Richard, but Charles, inviting him to join him at a masked Halloween party. Normally William would not go to such a function because he hated dressing up in costume and socializing; but anything to take his mind away from the recording and the printout was a welcome. Charles also promised he would not disclose what costume he wore to Caroline. So he agreed.

Continue reading the story here (Warning for adults only)


  1. Hey had to come back - thanks for the visit and comment today on Free Spirit. Interesting to note you are Buddhist - I have a background in Zen Buddhist training also - still practice zazen and have a great affinity for the Way of the Buddha. :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  2. Marvin, you are always welcome to come back. I went to Buddhist primary school, so learned more about Buddhist stories than Bible ones.


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