Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plotting the spinster's downfall

After completing Pride and Prejudice and Angels and Every Savage Can Reproduce, thanks to the voting by readers, I will be writing The Spinster (tentative title).

I have been plotting whenever I have time. It is aimed to be a humorous tale. With the help of some chat buddies, I've decided to set the story in post Napoleon war in an invented seaside town in England.

An overzealous Colonel tries to promote marriage and birth for the greater good of England. So he organises many BS Balls (Bachelor and Spinster), spiking drinks and promoting scandalous games and getting people married immediately.

My heroine is a self-proclaimed spinster who part-owns a bathing machine business. She meets the hero at the ball.

What do you want to see in the ball? Don't be shy. I hope to hear from you.


  1. Good the way you've asked your readers a question. Me? Mmm, how bout plenty of plenty of sexy internal dialog - Mr. & Ms. sizing each other up. :)

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Spinster is a great old-fashioned word. To juxtapose it with a woman who is anything but a spinster in the literal sense will be fun.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Karen K. Brees, Ph.D.

  3. I can already imagine the fun!! First, I want to know what a "bathing machine business" is--pretty young maids who wash the gentlemen?



  4. Wow, great idea, Marvin and Karen. Some wine to unleash the characters sexy dialogues and then make the spinster show her less prim and proper nature! Thanks.

    Jina, bathing machines are available in English seaside in Regency and Victoria era, I think so women can bath in the sea with proprietory. I intend to lock Mr. & Miss there for a bit of fun. LOL


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