Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Quest of Theta Magic Sequel

The book reviewers liked the fantasy world I created for In Quest of Theta Magic and urged me to write a sequel.

I haven't decided yet but it is nice to plot in my head from time to time.

Should I write about the twins Teo and Raphaella? Teo has Theta magic that can change shape of objects while Raphaella can heal human injury.

Or little Carlson who made a brief appearance in the epilogue. He has similar magic as his mother Elana Bailey. He has eagle sight that can see four times farther than humans.

Something around Genesisa could be good too. Dean Williams' little sister was on death bed in Theta Magic but with the quest that cured her, she is fully recovered and can use her mind reading magic very well.

And Elana's sisters, they each have special Theta magic. I can a write sequel for each of the four sisters.

But if there is not another quest in the sequel, what can throw the hero or heroine into conflict and create a good romantic story like In Quest of Theta Magic?

A conspiracy to dethrone the Theta authority? A clash between Thetas and humans? Or some internal struggle?

What kind of conflict do you like to read most from fantasy stories?


  1. Hi Enid,
    I don't have an answer to your question, but wanted you to know I'm visiting your blog and enjoying learning a bit about fantasy writing. Sounds like fun!

  2. I don't often read fantasy. I most offen like the conflick of the main character facing his fears, his disappointments, and trying once again. Win or lose.

  3. I'm not into fantasy, but your work sounds intriguing. I'll stay tuned.

  4. Sounds to me like you have LOTS of good ideas for sequels. I like the unsung unlikely hero conquering "against all odds" kind of conflict and resolution.

  5. Anything that thrusts the protagonist(s) into mortal peril.

  6. Internal and external conflicts are vital to a good story. A clash between Theta and humans -- external; your lead character temporarily loses his/her power so that makes them human, thereby the "enemy" and how they learn to see things from the other side. Just a thought...

  7. A new threat that comes in and must be fought against is always a good follow up to a quest.

    Elle Parker

  8. Wow thanks, so many great plot bunnies hopping around! I like the Thetas losing magic idea...


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