Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Readers' Comments

Healing power by Luca Tof (reposted from lulu.com)
Enid, that was such a fun story. Maybe little Raphaella can use her healing powers on mommy's stretch marks after all those babies. You have an excellent talent for entertainment.

Who doesn't love this brute? by Love Bky (reposted from lulu.com)
I wanted to add that I love how the sisters rally together when they're threatened. Don't know if it's because Lana is unconscious and unable to stir things up, or if they're just showing their true colors. Real girl power! Hehe She loved her brute and his big muscles to bits. Who doesn't?

Turning the muscles on and off by Mary Reid (reposted from lulu.com)
Who could have thought of such a Theta talent! Great job, Enid! You have a Theta talent too: your imagination. It was not only piping HOT; it was also amusing, witty and inspired!
You managed to let me hanging, after much excitement, on a CLIFF in almost every chapter.

If I had similar wedding by Jennifer Rudd (reposted from lulu.com)
This story is wonderful. I couldn't wait to find out why Dean needed to buy a wife and his ugliness. Could he be really so mean, rude and condescending? And Elana was feisty and clever.
Obviously, I had the wrong engagement and wedding ceremonies. Dean and Elana's were so sensual, sexy and HOT!

And the quest! I was holding my breath when Elana was sick because of the pill. It was full of surprises.

Other comments

"I have enjoyed your many short stories for a while and have meant to tell you before now. Yesterday I found your book "In Quest of Theta Magic" and of course had to buy the download because reading it immediately had to be done!! I read it in one sitting and enjoyed it so very much. I don't usually read scifi ff but your story captured me from the first and nothing was going to stop my reading it. I will eventually buy the paper book because I always want them for my library.

Thanks for a wonderful Friday reading and I'll enjoy the story again and again. I'll keep watching for any new books you put out." - BJ "What interesting powers you gave the Bailey sisters. Your work reminded me of Orson Scott Card's!" - LA

"The story was great from the beginning to the very end! So original!" - AL

"That was extremely diverting and down right satisfying! I find myself having flashbacks of Justice League, Wonder Twins and Willy Wonka!" - KE

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