Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conception of the story

In Quest of Theta Magic is my first novel. It started out as a Pride and Prejudice fan fiction. I think I was one of the first writers to put Mr. Darcy into a fantasy science fiction world.

Some people may argue that fan fiction writers are all amateurs, because they use famous authors' characters as their own. That can be true. But writing by amateurs does not equate to bad writing nor bad plot.

When I plotted In Quest of Theta Magic, I wanted to change the fact that women in Regency times or in Pride and Prejudice were rather helpless. Therefore I gave the Bennet (Bailey) sisters some magical power each. Elizabeth (Elana) had fine eyes, so I gave her eagle sight in this novel.

The Bennet (Bailey) girls all contributed in one way or another in helping Darcy (Dean) in his quest.

The idea of making Darcy (Dean) an ugly beast was a reversal of P&P plot where Darcy found Elizabeth only tolerable at first.

From that point onwards, the plot and twists went into free form and diverged from P&P and thus In Quest of Theta Magic was born.

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