Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Angel Sees Grey is published

Dear readers, The Angel Sees Grey is available on Kindle and Smashwords now. It will be available in other bookshops later on. Happy Reading!

A steamy, bold and erotic paranormal story that re-paints Jane Austen’s characters in urban fantasy colours.

When avenging angel Elizabeth mistakenly whips one honest billionaire Darcy on earth because she confuses the colour of grey and charcoal, her boss sent her down from heaven as a punishment to serve Darcy for one earth life.

Darcy wakes up to find himself with wounds possibly sustained in a kinky sex game he has no memory of. When Nurse Bennet arrives, looking similar to the woman he last remembers before his injury, Darcy suddenly develops lusty thoughts about his private nurse.

With the power struggle in heaven between two gods and his nude photo in the tabloid, Darcy finds himself wanting to get Elizabeth in his bed and deal her all sort of kinky punishment.

Does Darcy only lust after Elizabeth or does he have more profound feeling for her? Will the dark forces push Darcy to his beastly urges and hurt Elizabeth?

Warning: This title contains explicit sexual content, angels, demons, BDSM, whips, ropes, hot wax and a bit of mystery. It is not suitable for Jane Austen’s purists.

Book purchase at Smashwords.

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