Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the elevator...

Another old story for your enjoyment. Keyword: groping




A thoroughly drenched Elizabeth in boy shorts and T-shirt tapped her feet impatiently. A puddle of water gathered on the marble floor of the lift.

She’s coming for an interview at Darcy Holdings and the sky opened up. With flooding near her flat, Elizabeth decided to change into business clothes when she arrived in the city. Of course the bus was late.

Dashing to DH building, she jumped into the first lift, intending to change when she reached the floor where the interview would be held. In her rush, she crashed onto the only person inside the lift, a TDH (tall dark and handsome) hunk, pressing him flat against the mirror wall.

Before she could apologise, the hunk let out a not-so-elegant yell, “Get off me! Do you have no shame? Groping me like this?”

Elizabeth never needed to grope any man in her life! Anger flashed in her eyes. “You’re not grope-worthy at all!” She lied, stepped away from the Greek god and turned around. Jabbing the already lit button of the panel, she swore under the breath. Bloody! He’s going to the same floor.

Level 5…Level 8


Suddenly the lift shook and dropped. TDH was thrown towards Elizabeth this time, flattening her against the mirrors. Then both of them dropped onto the floor due to the fall. In a mad dash to grab hold of the railing, he palmed her breast while she grasped his butt.

Another big bang!

The lift stopped. Elizabeth found her wet self install on the masculine thighs of the hunk. He was sitting on the wet marble floor. His hand squeezed her breast and hers holding tightly onto his belt (or did she have one hand inside his trousers?).

“Wow! Are you hurt? Miss…” His shaky voice turned tender.

“Bennet. Elizabeth Bennet,” She started blabbing, perhaps of the shock. “I’m ok. Sorry, I made you all wet. I’m coming for an interview. We’ve flooding in our streets. So I decided to change here. But the bus was late…” She raised her hands to part the wet hair.

“It’s ok, Elizabeth,” He glanced at her hands. No ring. The sensual wet lips and voluptuous body started to do strange things to him. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” His throat was dry, his speech deep.

“It’s my fault, Mr…” Her face turned crimson, under his intense gaze.

“Darcy, William Darcy. I think you’re interviewing to become my personal assistant, since you’re going to level 16 too.”

Elizabeth’s mouth gaped open, forming a lovely O. His emphasis on the word “personal” sent an electric current down her body. What did she read from the internet? He’s 2010 sexist bachelor in the world. How could she not recognise him earlier?

The corner of his lips lifted. Was he smirking?

Lizzy’s courage always rose on every challenge put in front of her. “I hope you’ll disregard your first impression of me, during the formal interview.” Her eyes bored into him.

Heat rose in Darcy’s body. He shifted his weight, accidentally rubbing his lower body against her wet bottom; the hand caressed her bouncy breast unintentionally.

“Umh, sorry,” He wanted to lift her off his damp body but not sure if it’s safe to do so. What if the lift moved again? “But I’m afraid I won’t forget our first encounter.” His baritone voice added, “our first very…wet encounter.”

His eyes darted away from her body. He didn’t want to be accused of groping or anything. But the fast beating of his heart told him this would be first of the many close encounters he would have with her.

Of course, Mr. Darcy was always right. He had Elizabeth as his personal assistant for a year before making her his wife.

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