Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Second part of IKEA avsugning - NC-17

Naughty story of our IKEA couple continues, featuring a Swedish witch (just joking). Not suitable for children:

“Elizabeth!” Darcy called out as he loosened his tie, took off his suit and put the suitcase down on the floor. It was Christmas Eve. He had been on a business trip in New York for a week and Elizabeth couldn’t go with him. He missed his girlfriend a lot. They talked on the phone daily but there was no substituting having her by his side.

It was a bright sunny afternoon but all the curtains were drawn, plunging the penthouse into dim light. “I’m home.” He continued and switched on the porch light. Perhaps she was not home, he thought disappointedly.

As he put down the keys in its usual place by the porch’s table, he saw a letter there, with cut out alphabets ‘The Darcy of Fitzinburgh’ from newspapers on it.

Frowning, he tore the letter open.

“The wicked witch of Sweden has got your girl. Sacrifice your latest harvest, Darcy, to the witch or risk losing your girl.”

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