Sunday, November 6, 2011

Male Ensnaring Pills

One thing I love about writing science fiction or fantasy is all rules are off. I can invent anything. In My Darcy Vibrates, I've a story about male ensnaring pill. If I'm the inventor, maybe I'll sell millions of them. Haha. Here is a teaser:

Caroline B40 smiled smugly. Today would be her day, and it would end with her getting Sexobot Darcy into her bed.

Well, not exactly her own bed at Netherfield Base, but in the sumptuous bed here in Hunsford Deck.

She had forked out a fortune for the whole thing: the pills, the dinner and the suite. In the Austen galaxy, Collins W007 was the leading inventor of the male-ensnaring pill.

Collins’s hypothesis was simple. It was a scientific fact that Martians were attracted to the opposite sex by their sense of smell. Therefore, if you wanted a male Martian to desire you, you needed to find out what scent excited him, then match it.

And she had. With the help of her hapless brother, Charles B44, she had managed to plant a miniscule temperature-tracking device on Darcy’s neck. When Collins studied the data she had collected last November, he observed that Darcy’s body temperature had shot up an average of 1.28 degrees every time he was near that trashy Eliza X88 from Meryton Planet.

Since the departure of the entire Martian party from that backwater planet, his body temperature had consistently registered below normal, a chill.

The next step had been as obvious as it was distasteful. She had paid a galaxy robber to steal some panties from Eliza, and asked Collins to examine the scent.
After five long months of waiting, Collins finally produced a unique set of pills which he called DPP – Darcy Possession Pills.

When Caroline took the pink one, it would to make her smell like Eliza. When she slipped the blue one into Darcy’s drink, it would disturb his normal chemical balance. It would make him behave less like a Martian – calm and reserved – and more like an Earthling, passionate and expressive. And as Darcy was a Sexobot, once his chemical balance was disturbed, he would be like an addict, requiring several matings each day just to maintain his composure.

Laughing out loud, Caroline imagined having that power over him. She would withhold sex, in exchange for all the expensive gifts in the world, for Darcy was one of the richest men in the galaxy.


  1. teehee--that sounds like a trap set to backfire if you ask me. Very amusing, though.


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