Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When the Ghost Intervenes

I've put in an entry to Mills and Boon New Voices Competition. Here is the story blurb:

Thanks to her manipulative relatives, the unambitious and mousy young Anna is the new Lady Hunt, stuck in a cold marriage devoid of intimacy and love. When the couple visit, of all places, the country house of his mistress, Anna is astonished by her lustful feelings towards her husband. Will this new sensual excitement turn their sterile marriage into one of true love?

It seems that everything is conspiring to prevent this, not least the frustrated meddling of a hired ghost with rather different ideas on their kindling romance. Will the ghost succeed in turning Anna away from her husband? Will Lord Hunt resist and declare his love for his wife? Or will he rejoice in regaining his freedom? And what exactly does young Anna want for herself?

It is a sexy historical romance. Guess who is the inspiration for me? Of course Mr. Darcy. I thought about making him unconscious throughout the novel but I know you will be outrageous...

You can read the first chapter by pressing here. If you like it, you can comment and vote (registration required). And do share or tweet it too. Happy reading!


  1. Her title alone sparked my interest. I would definitely buy this book based on the blurb.



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