Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enid's ABC

Some fellow campaigners have written 10 random facts about themselves. I think I will do a different version, ABC of myself, based on a game from Facebook.

For "A"

Something I like: Apple, the fruit

Someone I wish I'd known: Apollo. He's one handsome god.

Somewhere I've been: Alexandria, Egypt, to see the statue of Alexander the Great!

For "B"

Something I like: Baking, I love cookies but find the ones from supermarket too sweet. So I love to bake them myself.

Someone I wish I'd known: Beyonce, she is talented and energetic

Somewhere I've been: Brisbane, for work. It's horrible to see that it was flooded early this year.

For "C"

Something I like: Cat, I had a cool cat but she went into a fight with some other cats and hurt herself in a nasty fall. We had to put her down but she's always a feisty one, in my memory.

Someone I wish I'd known: Camus. I like many French things and people. The Stranger was good, thought-provoking read.

Somewhere I've been: Cappadocia in Turkey. Full of culture, history and mysteries.

How about you select a letter and tell me more about yourself.

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