Sunday, September 25, 2011

Emma and Knightley in space suits

I've stopped at vvb32, talking about Emma and Mr. Knightley from my new novel Every Savage Can Reproduce, Pride and Prejudice-inspired Science Fiction, early this month. Here is a teaser:

Let’s visualise Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam:
(picture them in space suits with heavy weapons)

A moment later, what was left of the door of the mating capsule was pushed aside, and two heavily armed soldiers appeared in the opening, looking at them curiously.

“What have we got here? What a handsome couple! What are your names? Have you enjoyed the stay in the capsule?” the young woman of the pair asked cheerfully.

Before they could respond, the male officer said, “Why, Officer Woodhouse, don’t speak so foolishly. Clearly, they are fugitives from Earth. Let us follow protocol.”

“Captain Knightly, you’re no fun at all. What’s wrong with a bit of friendly…companionship?” Woodhouse responded.

Stepping forward, Elizabeth said, “I am Elizabeth Bennet, and this is my…friend, Fitzwilliam. We were attacked by the Military Intelligence Agency.” She waited for their reaction, hoping that the female officer’s friendliness meant that Darcy and she would come to no harm. She had no intention of telling them Darcy’s full name, as she didn’t want them to know that he was a close relative of the unpopular Queen of Planet Earth.

“I’m Emma,” the uniformed young woman stated. “Nice to meet you, Elizabeth! As to the MIA pursuit, we already know all about it. Only mating capsules chased by the MIA would be allowed to land here. We’ll have cruisers chasing the MIA away.”

“I don’t understand. Are you saying that you represent…a safe house for people from the mating capsules?”

“You could say that.”

“Where are we then? Can you help us get back to Planet Earth?”

“You’re on Planet Hartfield. Our ancestors migrated here because they didn’t like the crazy rules and pollution of Earth.”

“Emma, the protocol!” Captain Knightley objected with a frown.

“Fine, fine, sir! We must observe the protocol, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam, or my dear Captain Knightley will be very unhappy. That means that we will have to scan you, first, to see if you are genuine articles.” – excerpt from Every Savage Can Reproduce

How do you find this Emma and Mr. Knightley?

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