Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where are the aliens?

With sci-fi, it seems natural to include some aliens. When I first started Every Savage Can Reproduce in 2009, I knew I wanted to include some aliens but had no clue how to invent them. So I used Ewoks temporarily then.

In the final version, I've the andudas:

Collins walked for nearly three miles before the monitor on his console suddenly beeped, indicating that another life form was nearby. He slowed his steps, using the shrubs and trees to hide his whereabouts. The life form is very near. But where is it?

“We are here!” The mechanical voices of some creatures startled Collins. He turned around and saw three andudas looking at him with wide eyes. Although Collins referred them as ‘giant rats’ to the Queen, andudas were in fact descendents of cats and kangaroos, with huge heads, hopping bodies and strong tails. Straightening, Collins cleared this throat and addressed them.

“Bill Collins here. I’m looking for the maximum security prison on your planet.”

“He looks cute, A2 and A3,” one of the andudas said, and the other two nodded in unison. The machine-like sound of its voice was eerie in such a dark, intense environment. Collins took a deep breath. I’m not afraid. Andudas are pets on Planet Earth. I’m much more intelligent than they are.

“I like his two strands of hair, and the powder on his face. The eyes looked yucky though, A3 and A1,” another of the andudas said. Once again, the other two nodded in unison.

“If you don’t know where the maximum security prison is, then don’t block my way, pets! I’ve important things to do!” Collins said, as he tried to ignore them and walk on.

“Pets? Do you think he’s from Planet Earth, A1 and A2? Is he one of those bad people on Earth who make our brothers into pets?” the third anduda said, and the other two nodded together. Their countenances turned menacing, and they approached Collins slowly.

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