Thursday, August 25, 2011

Popeye the shapeshifter?

Continuing the search for romantic sci-fi YouTube clips and guess what has shown up? Popeye the sailorman! Hmm, I wonder if he's one of the first shapeshifters. He has power muscles...

See Popeye doing some impossible tasks here. In Savage, there is a mad man called Logan. He's not a shapeshifter but he can mind control. I think it's quite handy, to freeze someone on the spot.


  1. Hey, I wouldn't mind ANY superpower, not picky about which! Always wanted to be able to fly, so I suppose being someone who could shapeshift into a bird would be up there...

    Not sure if Popeye was supposed to be a shapeshifter though - I think he was just supposed to be really strong, which meant depicting him with some pretty awesome muscles!

  2. Ah, I also want to fly and maybe dive into deep deep sea, without any need of oxygen mask.


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