Friday, June 24, 2011

Who doesn't want to look like a dancer?

Who doesn't want to look like a dancer? Their lithe limbs, upright posture and washboard stomachs all give cause for envy. Not to mention their firm buttocks.

For so long, these dancers were an exclusive lot. Us lumbering two-left-footers were doomed to be spectators, forever in the role of passive, politely clapping audience at concerts with no possibility of ever joining in the sweaty, dancing fun. That's unless you count drunken bopping at parties, or private moments reprising the finale of Flashdance in front of the home mirror.

But all that has changed. If you ''gotta dance'', as old Hollywood toe-tapper Gene Kelly once sang, there's now a class to welcome you. Belly dancing, salsa, Zumba, jazz, hip-hop, swing, ballroom and even adult ballet have all flourished in the past decade.

- extract from Sydney Morning Herald

I actually didn't want to look like a dancer. But I love watching Dancing with the Stars. I wouldn't mind learning waltz and some boggie shaking numbers. It will be fun.


  1. My parents dance and travel the country following the competitions. I think the dancing gene skipped a generation. My kids have it. I don't.

  2. You've got the writing genes. That's good.

  3. Dancing with the Stars is okay, but I like So You Think You Can Dance. My husband and I wanted to take dancing lessons, but he travels so much it was impossible. We've put that on our bucket list for when he retires. If he ever does.

  4. Enid, I know how to belly dance, it's easy and fun! (And you don't need to convince guys to participate.)

  5. Helen, you two can dance while you're on road trip. Ah, Conda, you've to teach me belly dancing one day.


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