Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What do you gain from tweeting about your child birth?

Exploiting one's personal life for economic gain (honestly it's not THAT economic), is frowned upon and while I appreciate there are those who DO utilise this devil’s creation - otherwise known as social media - for monetary gain, personally this is not my intention.

Nor do I believe it was the intention of Mary Wycherly when she tweeted about her birthing experience for all the world to read.

Too much information? Over share? Social media gone too far?

No, no, and none of the above.

If you don’t want to read about Mary’s beautiful birthing experience – then don’t.

Nor is it anyone’s place to judge Mary for having the tenacity or the multi-tasking ability to tweet and labour at the same time.

However, I appreciate there are some that might ask why. What might Mary gain from sharing such personal detail with the rest of the world? - extract from Sydney Morning Herald

Definitely not my cup of tea as reading material. But I think it will be helpful for some other would be moms.


  1. I agree. There are lots of moms-to-be who might have found the post very useful/informative/inspirational. If someone doesn't, then don't read it.


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