Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest

Did any of you watch Eurovision song contest semi finals? In Oz, we didn't get to see it live, so it's rather disappointing.

But even knowing the results, I still enjoyed the show, though I preferred the stage design, I think two years ago, in Ukraine. This year in Germany, the stage looked a bit small but in fact the stadium is huge. Some of computer generated backdrops tended to be a bit childish. But I think they are a reflection of the song lyrics. I like this year's logo. The beating heart is quite warming.

I always love Eurovision, mainly because of the controversial and exciting voting. The fact that very European small countries participated in it is wonderful. I may not have visited these countries but it's good to watch their people, music and sometimes footage.

Here is Finland's "save the planet" song, not very Eurovision but different and refreshing.

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