Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why did Mr. Darcy propose?

It is all because of his new toy...

Mr. Darcy took out his new toy and focused directly at the Parsonage. How magnificent! This binocular allows me to see so far away.

Suddenly the vision of Miss Elizabeth Bennet came into focus. She wetted a piece cloth with some water an d wiped her neck with it. Darcy eyes observed the drop of water from the neck down to her bosom. How I want to lick it dry!

She then put her leg on the chair and pulled up her skirt. He swallowed and followed the movement of the wet cloth from her calf to her knee.

Bless my lord! She has wit, manner and such beauty. Connection, wealth and horrible family be damned! I shall propose to her tomorrow!

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  1. Clearly, Mr. Darcy is ruled by his emotions or desires. A new side of him.

  2. Hi Enid,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to travel, now I have to take the time to write about it!

    Happy weekend,

  3. Thanks for Helen and Monti. I always think Mr. Darcy would be very passionate. I think new inspiration always come with traveling. So go for it, Monti.


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